Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Peebo Manga

Spinning off from his hit Gold Digger series, Fred Perry took the popular little robot characters, the Peebos, and gave them their own original comic. This features all new original material broken up into several short chapters involving the three main Peebos: Peebri, Peegi, and Peebrit.

The Peebos were first little robot smart bombs that Brianna(a composite clone of Gina & Brittany Diggers)had made. But later on in the Gold Digger storyline she made them into more little helper robots. Three of them she modeled after herself and her “sisters”. Peebri gets into alot of trouble, and is always looking for chances to get new video games or blow crap up with her mounted laser cannon. Peegi thinks of herself as an explorer and relentlessly searches for new adventures, even in the trash can. Peebrit, who’s modeled after Brittany, is a speed freak that grows a sudden fascination for cans of tuna, despite the fact that she has to sneak them past Brittany.

In the manga, we first start out with some normal antics from the Peebo Digger sisters, which leads into Peebri makes a working Katamari from some of Gina’s rejected gizmos. Afterwards, Peegi takes them all into on a virtual RPG world. Then, Peebri floods the house with future versions of herself, and the Peebos have to take on a Tolkien-type quest to return Brittany’s wedding ring. Plus, a few other random specs on the different brands of Peebos, and some GD character bios.

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