Sunday, April 29, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Sherlock Ninja

What became the start of several steampunk titles for Antarctic Press, this manga-styled one-shot came out simultaneously with the Sherlock Holmes movie to ride of its apparent success.

In this strange martial arts version of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock takes on the case of the Iron Monkey, where a seemingly innocent British lady is being stalked by an immortal ninja. Instead of Watson, Holmes has a weasponsmith who is apparently the daughter of his former partner. Sorta like when Green Hornet got a female Kato. There seems like there was more to the story to be told, but it seems to end slightly abruptly.

Gold Digger creator Fred Perry made this an intriguing concept, although it would probably be better off fleshed out as being more than one issue. Originally printed in black & white, half of this comic was later on printed in color as a back up feature in two of the Time Lincoln comics.

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