Monday, August 17, 2015

Why was Aqua Teen Hunger Force Cancelled?


  1. The cancellation goes against the wishes of Willis and Maiellaro, who first learned about it from people from the animation studio, halfway through the production of the eleventh season.Adult Swim president Mike Lazzo made the decision to end the series because "he was ready to move on from it".

    1. the cancellation will throw the whole universe into chaos and utter darkness

  2. give me my manna from heaven and I can write the plots and send them telepathically to the masses who suffer from the pain of no more shake frylock meatwad carl cry cry cry cry cry

  3. some may curl up into little coils of death spirals and twist into pretzels and then cry more and cry until they just dissolve bring em back athf save the world of the shell people who have no bigger shells to steal and they are constricted conflicted afflicted by no more athf cry cry cry cry cry


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