Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MISC. MANGA, *Felicia: The Sorceress' Apprentice

Felicia(no relation to the Darkstalkers character)has had a long career in the underground comics and fanzine circuit. An entire story arc ran through several fanzines, and was collected in the Melari's Wish trade paperback, plus she's been shown in several issues of Furrlough and Zu which were anthropomorphic anthology comics. But The Sorceress's Apprentice is a full original tale featuring the magical vixen.

In the anthropomorphic feline line of Katara, Felicia is a fox sorceress that used to live in the neighboring kingdom of Dogtaria, but was either exiled or left on her own to escape the tyranny of her homeland. She takes in a homeless girl from Dogtaria named Sandy, and begins to teach her in the ways of magic. Sandy is being stalked by dark magi from Dogtaria who know she's witness to an illegal slave trade ring. Felicia has Sandy and her elder pupil Cindy sent off to keep the dark magi off the scent, but they make their way back to Felicia's tower where she finishes them off. The whole experience strains the relationships the characters have with their friends and family, but they do end up better off for it.

This graphic novel is currently in print, and has some serious manga influence to it. Even if you're not a big "furry" fanatic, it makes for a good dramatic sorcery yarn, and the dangers of using magic with its effects on those who craft it.

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