Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ANI-MOVIES, *Justice League: Gods And Monsters

While not being the first DC Universe movie based on an Elseworlds story, Justice League: Gods Ands Monsters is an original story in the spirit of Elseworlds and other "imaginary stories". This was written and directed by DC animated alumni Bruce Timm, along with Alan Burnett and Sam Register as a darker version of the Trinity, while excluding most of the other JLA regulars to make for a more streamlined storyline.

Set in a parallel universe from the canon DC comics, the last survivor of Krypton is actually the biological son of General Zod who as a baby crashes not in Smallville, but by immigrant Mexicans. Years later, more egotistical version of Superman has formed an alliance with two other heroes to form the Justice League. Their version of Wonder Woman is not an amazon but Bekka, an outcast resident of New Genesis and wife of Orion. Batman is Kirk Langstrom, while in the original universe he occasionally was Man-Bat is instead here an artificial vampire in the spirit of Mobius the Living Vampire who has none of the weaknesses of a vampire but still sometimes craves blood. The Justice League maintains a shaky alliance with the U.S. government, with Steve Trevor as an agent having an on-again/off-again romance with Wonder Woman. Lex Luthor has had knowledge of Superman's alien origins for years, and help form a group of eager scientists to come up methods of applying the little Kryptonian tech for the American armed forces. Members of this select think tank are being killed off by mysterious super-powered robots made to look like it's the League assassinating them. This trail leads Batman to his old college mates, Will Magnus and his wife Tina, whose research accidently help transform him into a bloodsucker. From them, Batman learns about a project title Fair Play, but sees all the other scientists aside from Magnus get killed by the robots. To uncover the mystery, Superman visits the aging Luthor in his orbital satellite who tells him that Fair Play was the government's contingency against the League if they ever went rogue, but that someone else is using this advance technology to frame them. Superman leaves, but witnesses Luthor's space pad getting destroyed, and the army thinks Superman blew it up. The armed forces converge on the League's tower, but Magnus' awakes inside after being brought back via nanotech magic, and reveals that the robots were his creations. Magnus years ago had killed Tina in a fit of rage because he was tired of hearing her ask him to help cure Batman's condition, so he recreated her as Platinum and decided to use this version of the Metal Men to take out the League, but also to gain access to the Superman's old ship to power up some device for him to launch a wave of nanobots all over the world to take everyone's minds. The League fights back at the Metal Men, and thwarts Magnus' plans while proving their innocence. Luthor appears at the end in his teleporting chair and offers to take Wonder Woman back to New Genesis, while the World's Finest stay behind to reconsider their approach to peacekeeping.

This made for an interesting take on the Big 3 of DC, with alternate versions of various DC characters, including a male Cheetah, a laser gun-toting Livewire, and legit takes on Mr. Freeze and Dr. Silvana. The animation is above average, although the story could've used a little more tweaking. There's so far been a 3-episode online animates prequal series to the movie, although for some reason it wasn't included on the Blu-Ray or DVD release. There's also a series of one-shot comics, and a 3-issue mini-series tied into the movie, although so far no plans have been made to have the Gods And Monsters universe crossover with the canon DC comics. This does make for a great take on the Justice League in an alternate reality, and a great leaping on for any fan of superheroes, although its not totally for kids.


  1. Sounds interesting. I might give it a try.

  2. I really like these movies so much more than the hollywood blockbusters D:


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