Monday, December 1, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Victorian Secret: Steam Queens

This dieselpunk comic by Iron Man artist Brian Denham acts as a slight continuation to The War Of The Worlds. It's part of Antarctic Press' Victorian Secret line, but stands alone as its own series too.

Set in the late-1930s, Earth is once again being invaded by Martians as part of their regular campaigns that occur about every decade. To counteract these little green men are the dynamic duo of Raven Mask and Magpie, a pair of ace female pilots who fly up to the mother ship and take out in the spirit of Independence Day. Although, Raven Mask herself now has some kind of deadly secret as she has red skin just like their enemies.

This is visually electrifying comic with sensational use of color when it is shown, and definitely entertaining enough for even the average war buff. It's currently an ongoing series with more issues on the way.

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