Sunday, December 7, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Blue is For Boys/Pink Is For Girls

One of the more unusual approaches to a manga anthology was done by UK publisher Sweatdrop Studios. They decided to do one book for the shounen genre, and one for the shoujo genre. Blue Is For Boys usually starts out a story done for the action/ninja/fan service loving otaku, and then continues it in Pink Is For Girls but for the magical girl/bishounen/gothic Lolita otaku. Most of the stories in each book were oddly enough done by separate authors, although sometimes at least plotted by the same manga-ka.

Some of the standout stories were the spoofing of One Piece fans in Two Halves, the epic quest for a lost heir in Chenezzar, and the high fantasy-turned sci-fi tale of Angel's Game. Other stories take modern day same-sex perspectives on Romeo And Juliet, the estranged meeting of two possible lovers in Steaming/Brewing, and the Scott Pilgrim meets Sailor Moon battle of the bands plot of Super Brother/Magical Girl.

It is possible to have only one of these volumes on their own, but you get the full story of each collab. Both books are sold separately, so you'll have to check someplace like to buy them at the same time.

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