Monday, December 8, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Coco Gun-Bun

Like Sharknife, Coco Gun-Bun blends manga and blacksploitation. Originally a black 'n white one-shot by Shanda Fantasy Arts, this was later picked up as a colorized series by Angry Viking Press. Written by Chelsea Mitchell whose work doesn't seem to expand outside this comic, and drawn by Ron Murphy who also worked on Gold Digger and Ninja High School put this together.

Set in the fictional city of Neo-Metro, the whole town is run by evil pimps, even though we don't see much in the actual prostitution racket. To fight back at the corrupt police and growing criminal forces, there comes forth a rise of Mystery Men-styled superheroes. The most successful is the masked bootylicious babe in a Playboy bunny outfit, Coco Gun-Bun, who uses special "guns" that instead of shooting bullets like regular guns shoot a variety off gadgets like grappling hooks and gumballs(similar to Courageous Cat). This brings forth a little rivalry from wannabe crimefighter Katerina Kat who hires some goons to help her rub out. In the second issue, Coco teams up with the street fighting "Junior" to fight The Flaming Fro who sets them up to get caught by the police. Unfortunately, that's where the series left off, so far...
It's worth tracking down the two color issues that have been done by Angry Viking Press. There's been no word of future issues after issue #2, even though there was a webcomic of Coco Gun-Bun set up by the creators for a while, although it is currently down.

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