Friday, October 10, 2014

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Shin Getter Robo Vs. Neo Getter Robo

This 4-episode OVA series was an adaptation of the Venger Robo manga that was released in English through Viz Manga. The anime was one of several to use the term Shin among the Getter Robo titles like the New Getter Robo TV series, or the Getter Robo: Armageddon OVA, although technically they're not all in the same fictional universe. This particular OVA actually took the mecha from Getter Robo: Armageddom and Getter Robo Go into the same reality, but meant to be a follow up to the original Getter Robo and Getter Robo G(or Starvengers in America)shows from the 70s. Although, like most of the other Getter Robo anime movies that had the word "Vs." in the title, the two title characters don't actually fight in it.

The main enemy from the first Getter Robo anime series, the Dinosaur Empire, returns years after an all-out invasion on New York failed, which also claimed the original Getter Robo mecha and it's pilot Mushashi in its aftermath. The reptiliain humanoids plan their next invasion more carefully as the world forces muster to put together a new team to pilot their newest giant robot, Neo Getter Robo. Once they finally assemble all three pilots, the Neo Getter Team joins forces with the American mecha, Texas Mack, and its badass charismatic cowboy pilots. Eventually though, Neo Getter Robo gets trashed, and the team starts up the even more powerful Shin Getter Robo to foil the Dinosaur Empire's ultimate plan of using a giant flying sauce to dominate the world.

All in all, this was a pretty satisfying OVA. It didn't go on for too much longer like Getter Robo Armageddon did at some points, and carried the passing of the torch for a new generation of Getter pilots while still giving the old school team enough to do. The animation is decent, but mostly in the thrilling mecha fights that make Pacific Rim look like a puppet show. This is available through Discotek Media on subtitled DVD, although an added dub would've been nice.

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