Saturday, October 4, 2014

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *K.O. Beast

This rather hilarious pun-filled OVA series was split into two series in its original release. First as a 3-episode OVA titled K.O. Century Beast Warriors and then by a 4-episode sequal with II added to the title. The American release had the entire series under the single title of K.O. Beast, although there was an earlier British dub of the first series by Anime UK(which was their only anime release!)magazine called Three Beastketeers which has gone down as being one of the worst dubs ever. Despite that though, the OVA as a whole managed to pull a bit of success on both sides of the pond.

Way in the future, the Earth has been broken into two halves due to a war between two super-computers, Uranus and Gaea. Uranus took all the humans and turned it's half into something resembling Cybertron, while Gaea kept it green having all the animals, who here are referred to only as beasts, that all eventually took on humanoid forms. Each type of beast formed their own clans, mainly the tiger, bird, and mermaid(even though they aren't all "maids"). Every one of the clans has their own guardian statue called a Jinn. The humans lead by Uranus are now trying to collect these Jinns, along with royal members of each clan. Wan the tiger, Bud the bird(more chicken-like), and Mei-Mer the mermaid are captured by Uranus' main agents, the short-tempered mage knight V-Darn and hitgirl V-Sion. The three beasts team up with turtleman Tuttle, and Yuni, the granddaughter of the human scientist Password pretending to work for Uranus on the Jinns. The Jinns are revealed to be robotic beasts that can unite into a giant mecha that the beasts can pilot. They escape and plan to look for Gaea itself, at first believing it to be a great treasure, with the forces of Uranus in hot pursuit.

K.O. Beast is a slightly acquired taste, although chocked full of hysterical comedy, brilliant sight-gags, and an amusingly original enough plot to it. Put together by some of the same minds that created Samurai Pizza Cats and Mon Collie Nights, their style of humor shines throughout the series. The entire series was released on 3 DVD volumes through Right Stuf, but is now currently out of print. Still, it is available on services like Netflix, so give it a look sometime when your in the mood for something truly off the wall!

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