Wednesday, October 15, 2014

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Bastard!!

This 6-episode OVA based on the lengthy manga series of the same name by Kazushi Hagiwara, mixed in D&D with heavy metal. The upshot for the anime was though is that it was directed by Thundercats animator Katsuhito Akiyama, so it had some decent action sequences in it.

Set waaay in the future after your average civilization-destroying armageddon, namely a god of destruction called Anthrasax, one of his followers called Dark Schneider was a powerful wizard that gets sealed away into a young innocent boy named Rushe that is raised by the leaders of the kingdom he was trying to sack as Dark Schneider. Fifteen years pass, and Anthrasax has a new running crew titled the Four Lords of Havoc, and set out to destroy various kingdoms that were created to seal in Anthrasax's resurrection. Dark Schneider is revived by the snippy priestess Yoko, and he sets out to take out the Four Lords one by one. First is the charismatic ninja master Gara, then Dark Schneider old lover Arshes Nei who is the most bootylicious half-elf in anime ever! Darsh(as his friends call him)finally has a tussle with necromancer Abigail who sends an energy-sucking giant cyclops to take him out, as well as Gara and Arshes who have switched allegiance to Darsh. The anime ends with Abigail being vanquished, but still leaving the other Lord of Havoc, Kall-Su, still working for Anthrasax and awaiting its revival.

Bastard!! was released in America through Geneon Entertainment on VHS and DVD, but hasn't had a license rescue since then. It's for reals worthy of adding to your anime hit list if your a fan of dynamic animation, and some pretty hilarious dialogue, especially in the English dub.

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