Thursday, August 30, 2012


Another one from the female gang of four known as CLAMP. This time around though they actually have it tying into more than one title. XXXHolic is supposed to be a spinoff to another title from Clamp coming out at the same time called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles where characters from other manga titles by CLAMP are redone like from parallel universes. In fact, it's hinted that XXXHOlic exists within the same contiunity as the regular Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Babylon, and X/1999 mangas.

The story here though is about Watanuki, a troubled young teenage boy who keeps seeing spirits and ghosts. After being chased by some pesky ones, he wanders into a strange looking curio shop. There, he meets Yuko, the owner who explains that she can grant wishes, but only for a price, usually something of great value to the customer. Watanuki takes it as being a joke, but Yuko knows he wants to be rid of his spiritual visions. So she makes a deal with him for him to work at the store in exchange for having his wish granted since he doesn't have anything of value to trade for. After this, Watanuki accompanies Yuko out to see a client rid herself of her internet addiction. We learn more about how Yuko helps people with their problems, although she doesn't seem to use any magic in this case. However, her powers are revealed more when she recieves a visit from Syaoran and Sakura who both are from the world of the Clow.

This is where the worlds of XXXHolic and Tsubasa connect into a single story, although briefly. Yuko is known as the space-time witch who can help Syaoran in his quest to bring back all of Sakura's lost memories. These are dopplegangers of the regular Cardcaptors from another reality though. Yuko gives them one of two different versions of Makona who most would remember as the little rabbit creature from Magic Knight Rayearth. At that point, they go to another world along with two other travellers, and the XXXHolic storyline continues mostly on its own. For most of the rest of the series, it deals with Watanuki learning more about Yuko and her childish helpers, Mary and Moru. While at the same time, he starts to realize the extent of his curse and what its powers might do for him.

XXXHolic can become a gothic moody manga at times, but is filled with the normal sort of funny moments that CLAMP has as a hallmark for themselves.

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