Thursday, August 9, 2012

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Knights Of Ramune

This is kind of a weird anime because its the OVA sequal to a TV series. The anime is really titled VS Knights Lamunes And 40 Fresh. The original TV show was VS Knights Lamunes And 40 Fire

The story starts out on an alternative future version of Earth after the events of the TV series where two holy virgins, Cacao and Parfait, who originally helped save the world with the help of the third in a great line of warriors called Ramunes that was really a kid who got sent into the future via a video game(kinda like on Monster Rancher). They are sent further into the future to find the 4th Ramunes warrior along with their small blob robot commrade Piqu. The girls find someone claiming to be the 4th Warrior, but he’s actually the commander of an invading force. They escape his space fortress in a giant mecha, along with the orphen girl Lemon. What follows is the realization of who the 4th Warrior really is and the recovery of a large robot named the Mythical Knight that was created to destroy the galaxy.

Knights Of Ramune is mostly funny and brings a good aftermath to the original TV series which should hopefully get picked up in America. Oddly enough, VS Knights Lamunes And 40 Fire was really the remake of another anime called NG Knights Lamunes which had 2 sequals of its own. It’s a little odd having an anime like Knights Of Ramune which is really the tail-end of the whole saga to be released before any of the other Lamune titles. This was also supposed to be the lead in to another new series called Knights Of Lemon which never got off the ground though. There’s lots of great action though and tons of juicy fan service. This series lives up more to the title “Slayers in space” than a certain other sci-fi show did.

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