Saturday, August 4, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Dirty Pair: Biohazard

Adam Warren’s first Dirty Pair comic probably stuck to the way the Lovely Angels were originally concieved based on the novels of Haruka Takachiho. Up until now there has never been a DP manga, and still isn’t. This is an American comic book mini-series done by Dark Horse Comics. Actually, this story was first printed by the now defunct Eternity Comics. It was available in graphic novel format before, but this time with a special back-up comic feature with Kei having a simulated fantasy about killing Yuri.

In the main story, Kei and Yuri have to protect a genetics expert who’s rival has been after him for years and planted his body inside a small rodent. After busting into the bad guy’s compound and rescuing him, they help him get a new robotic body while then trying to retrieve his stolen tissue samples so he can clone a new body for himself.

This one was alot like the way the Dirty Pair were portrayed back in their old anime series. Biohazard is also one of the only ones of Warren’s version that you’ll ever see either the Pair’s assistant Muhgi who in this one looks more like a large panther than a grizzly bear, and its about the only one that Yuri uses her special “Bloody Card” weapon. It’s alot of fun, but they only keep getting better from here on in!

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