Friday, January 13, 2017

ANI-MOVIES, *Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture

With the manga being one of the first big cyberpunk hit titles among Japanese comics, an anime adaptation was a sure bet, largely due to the success of the Akira movie and the Bubblegum Crisis OVA. Being Kia Asamiya's first big hit, this "cyber/psychic movie"(as it was billed)caught on with fans of Blade Runner and the early 90s dawn of anime as it was spreading through America. It was first released out in America through Streamline Pictures on dubbed VHS, as well as getting a limited theatrical released double-feature with Neo Tokyo. The film was later re-dubbed and reformatted for DVD by Bandai Entertainment.

First starting in 2028, interdimensional creatures known as Lucifer-Hawks have been periodically attacking the city of Tokyo, and the main defense against this is a special police team of cyborgs and psychics named the Attacked Mystification Police, or "AMP". Their best soldier is Katsumi Liqueur, a high-level psychic armed with a living Witchblade-like weapon. As Katsumi is about to fight what is thought to be the main Lucifer-Hawk, the story then cuts ahead to 2024, and the majority of the film shows how Katsumi first became familiar with AMP and the threat the Lucifer-Hawks pose as her mother sacrifices her life to seal the monster away. Flash-forward back to 2028, Katsumi concludes with her getting revenge on the revived Lucifer-Hawk.

The movie gained enough fame to get a sequel, which was in fact a midquel taking place after the flashback majority of the first flick. It became a sleeper hit among American otaku, although it was about a decade until another anime series was made based on the manga. When you break it all down, Silent Mobius is what an all-female Ghostbusters movie should be, while mixed in with Ghost In The Shell!

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