Thursday, January 26, 2017

ANI-MOVIES, Batman Unlimited: Mechs Vs. Mutants

After taking off a whole year between chapters in the Batman Unlimited universe, Mechs Vs. Mutants brings together some elements from the previous two movies, while introducing some new characters and plots to the mix. This was created mostly to incorporate the recent additions of giant robots the Unlimited toy line had added in.

Penguin is still hanging out in the South Pole from the end of the Animal Instincts, and is rooming with Mr. Freeze, who has come up with a special formula to turn creatures into kaiju monsters. Penguin convinces Freeze to take his formula to Gotham to use some of the resident villains as test subjects. Freeze and Penguin break into Arkham and bust out Bane, Clayface, Killer Croc, and Chemo(whose not really an insane criminal but a living organic weapon). Freeze then turns Croc and Chemo into ice-shooting giants with plans to turn Gotham into the capitol of his snowy takeover of the world. Penguin however has other plans, and uses Freeze's formula on Bane and Clayface to have his own giant henchmen. Batman meanwhile has been breaking in the new Robin, who as we know here is a slightly older but less a-hole Damian Wayne, and teams up with Nightwing, Flash and Green Arrow to stop the Gotham version of Destroy All Monsters. Bat's main defense against this is his own giant mecha designed by Kirk Langstrom(aka: Man-Bat), who also made a robot for Green Arrow, and the heroes use their new big toys and combined efforts to stop the kaiju stomp fest.

This was kind of a spin on the JLA: Cold Steel comic book mini-series from a few years ago, or even Marvel's Mega Morphs toyline/comic where heroes who don't normally use giant robots like Power Rangers. God knows, being an expert archer qualifies you to be a Gundam pilot! Besides the outrageous-ness of the movie, it does have some decent animation, and brilliant voice acting. This makes for a good enough toy commercial for boys, but its worth seeing Batman with his own Megazord! Heck, if the 70s Japanese Spider-Man can have a giant robot, then why can't Green Arrow?!

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