Wednesday, November 9, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *The Double Life Of Miranda Turner

This series premiered on Comixology through Monkeybrain Comics(who also helped create The Venture Bros.)has been collected into a trade paperback by Image Comics. It takes the classic Golden Age heroine Black Cat and reinvents it as a modern day anime-styled supernatural-meets-superheroes comic.

Miranda Turner is a model that has taken up the mantle of the masked crimefighter, The Cat, after her sister Lindy who was the former Cat was murdered. The problem is that the magical necklace that gave Lindy her superpowers went missing, supposedly taken by whoever killed her. Miranda has plenty of moxie and fighting skills, but her crimebusting adventures are aided by Lindy's ghost who still parades around in her slinky supersuit. The new Cat investigations lead her to a murderous make up artist, and a quartet of demons, all while trying to steer clear of Lindy's old superhero crew, The Guild.

This comic works as an homage to old pulp comics of the 40s, while mixing in modern day superhero comic sensibilities. Fans of Deadman, Blue Beetle, and The Incredibles should get a kick out of it!

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