Sunday, November 27, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *Danger Girls

No relation to the Danger Girl(singular)title that would later come out through Wildstorm, Danger Girls(plural)was a series that only lasted two issues from the independent manga-styled 90s publisher, AniMagic Ltd. Written by Chris Troutt and Gregory Lane, the two had also produced another anime-styled comic, Mecharider, and the Thundercats-inspired Kimber-Prince Of Feylons for Antarctic Press. Gregory Lane also worked on some Robotech comics, and Robo Dojo with Marv Wolfman. This particular comic was heavily influenced(if not blatantly ripping off)by the Dirty Pair anime, on Earth in a less distant future.

JoJo and Kim are part of a secret group called Project Z, and are given the classification of "Danger Girls". The D.G.s are hired by a strange fellow named Mr. E, who is really part of a race of aliens that all resemble Elvis Presley that crashed on Earth in the 1920s, and have tried to assimilate themselves into human civilization as peacefully as possible. But a rogue group of these alien Elvises brock off, and tried to take over the bodies of those in political power by basically teleporting themselves into the bodies of their intended victims. The Danger Girls are normally selected due to their genetic resistance to being possessed by the rogue Elvis clones, and fight the ones that go wrong in their attempts to take over which are mutated abominations known as morphs. One of these morphs turns out to be a Danger Girl on a space station that was planning on quitting Project X, and soon infects the entire satellite with the Elvis virus. JoJo and Kim manages to stop the outbreak, but the possessed Danger Girl ends up escaping and heading to Earth with our heroic duo in hot pursuit.

Since the series intended to be ongoing, it ended on a cliffhanger in the second issue, making it slightly disappointing. Like a lot of manga-styled 90s indy comics, this one got slightly lost in all the "bad girl" titles that were also coming out at the same time. But it is very nostalgic for those who dug fan service-filled romps from the Golden Age of anime!

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