Thursday, May 12, 2016

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Slayers Excellent

Done as the second Slayers OVA, Slayers Excellent is a 3-episode series takes Lina Inverse back to her earliest chapter to when she first meets up with Naga the Serpent(her eternal rival). So, this takes place in the same set of stories as the Slayers Special titles like the first four Slayers movies, intended as a prequel taking place before all the other Slayers material, or a "prequel of prequels" as it were.

Lina originally encounters Naga who torches an entire inn just to declare her superiority over Lina. Naga continues to stalk Lina, which leads the two thought of being in cahoots by some villagers after Naga destroys a pub Lina was eating in. The unlikely dup of sorceresses are sentenced by the village to look for some missing citizens in an abandoned ruins, which turns out to be ruled by a vampire lord that Lina and Naga were intended to be sacrifices for. Of course the Dracula-wannabe is defeated by Lina, but not without Naga causing the entire roof to fall in on them. The next chapter has Lina being a bodyguard for a spoiled rich girl on a trip to her summer home, but sells her out to bandits after having enough of her ego. Naga interferes, and causes the debutante brat and her kidnappers to start a new fashion trend. This leads into the last episode where Lina is hired by a fashion designer that is at war with "trendy" designer that has adopted Naga's flashy philosophy, which escalates into the two sides having a giant robot battle with mechanized golems!

The OVA series is collected into a single DVD through ADV Films, although no re-release has been issued since the company restructured into separate branches. The dub is pretty fair, although it is different from the one performed in the TV series and features a totally different cast. The quality of animation is just as good as the other theatrical releases and OVAs, although it looks like they didn't give as much effort to that what was done in prior productions.

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