Sunday, May 1, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *Scott Pilgrim

After the modest success of Out To Sea, Bryan Lee O'Malley went out to do his first mini-series of graphic novels based on the title character from a song by former Canadian band Plumtree, Scott Pilgrim. Fusing video games, anime, and other comic book tropes, this American manga-styled comic became a cultural phenomenon, mostly due to the hit movie directed by Edgar Wright.

Scott Pilgrim is a young man from Toronto who is in a band called Sex Bob-omb, and is just getting over a devastating break up with his previous girlfriend by dating a young high schoolgirl girl, Knives. He begins to realize that a relationship with her won't last since she's slightly younger than him, and starts having visions of a candy color-haired rollerskater, who he learns is an American delivery girl for Amazon called Ramona Flowers. The reason he imprints on her is that she uses a "sub-space highway" thru Scott's head to make her deliveries. Scott manages to work up asking Ramona out, while breaking up with Knives, but it isn't all peaches and gravy as he finds out he has to fight all seven of Ramona's evil-exes in order to keep dating her. His opponents come at first one per volume, although two of them turn out to be twins that he fights simultaneously. Along the way, Scott becomes more aware of him entering into maturity and being more honest with himself, including fighting his inner-self(aka: Nega-Scott). His final battle is with the grand schemer and head of the League of Evil-Exes, Gideon, however Ramona disappears prior to this grand finale. So Scott has to come to terms with his own identity while searching for his true feelings for Ramona.

The comic has been released twice, originally as a 6-volume black/white paperback series, and then again in larger colorized hardcovers with additional material. The movie was a very faithful adaptation, even though the finale was significantly different as the final volume of the comic was still being created while the movie was in production. There's also a popular video game that borrows more from the comic than the movie with references that fans of both medias will enjoy. Hopefully someone will make a for real animated mini-series based on it someday, either in North America or as a genuine anime!

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