Sunday, February 28, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *Robocopper

Basically a clockwork version of Robocop, this one-shot special from Antarctic Press in a world where automatons are mostly commonplace. Written by steampunk author Marshall Naylor, it also features great designs by military/horror artist David Hutchison.

In it, London officer Claire and her mechanical partner are called into stop a young boy kidnapped by a rogue caretaker gynoid. It’s revealed that the fembot was really protecting the boy from abusive parents, and the two burst out of police custody with Robocopper hot on their trail. The end result isn’t exactly a happy one, and could’ve been resolved if Robocopper was programmed with some better protocols.

This works as a one-shot, although some development into the backstory in this world would have been more helpful.

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