Saturday, February 20, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *Flipside

Originally a webcomic, this ongoing series from Keenspot continues Brian Foulke's manga-styled fantasy adventure. Borrowing elements from anime and role-playing games, Flipside centers around a female jester named Maytag who is a sexy blend of Harley Quinn and Tenchi Muyo's Ryoko.

Set in the mystical kingdom of Solstice, Crest is a young man who left the knight academy to help care for his widowed mother that became blind from a magic accident. Crest tries to find nefarious ways of raising money to cure his mother's blindness, this includes cheating at underground gambling which makes certain thugs want to stomp him after his slight of hand is revealed to them. Fortunately for him, Crest is bailed out by Maytag, the mysterious performing jester skilled in knife throwing, as well as carrying magical items that allow for a stealthy escape. Crest has been pining for Maytag for a while, and even tried asking her out, but after she rescues him, the two of them become closer. Maytag's past is explored more when her mentor Bernadette pulls her out of a jam when a psychotic stalker nearly makes off with her. Crest isn't completely in with Maytag though as it's revealed she still has a boyfriend. Bernadette on the meanwhile has been offered a place among Solstice's knights.

The webcomic has been active for more than 15 years, and collected in about 8 volumes so far. The trade paperbacks are available through Shark Robot, so it might be worth picking up a copy, although maybe waiting until you see Brain Foulke at a convention table might be a more financially sound idea.

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