Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Ruin Explorers

Otherwise known as Fam & Ihrie, This 4-episode OVA series is based on a fantasy manga created by Xenogears designer Kunihiko Tanaka has been released on so far two VHS chapters, a regular DVD collection, an ADV Essential Anime DVD, and recently through ADV's prodigal company Maiden Japan.

Set in Tolkien-esque world, there existed civilizations that used mighty magic laying waste to most of humanity. What's left are treasure hunters looking for this forbidden magic who are known as Ruin Explorers(because Tomb Raider was taken). The duo of swordsgirl Ihrie and her Wiccan catgirl partner Fam seek out this "Ultimate Power". Ihrie mostly wants the power to break the curse of being turned into a mouse everytime she uses magic, and Fam is along because Ihrie needs her to use magic since she can't, even though Fam's clumsiness usually bungles things up. Also after the Ultimate Power is the rival sorceress Rasha and buff swordsman Migel, along with the scheming merchant Galuff, who all join forces with Fam and Ihrie along with the exiled Prince Lyle to beat the evil priest Rugudorull to the Ultimate Power who plans to use it to conquer-or-destroy the world. This takes them on several temples to raid, a pirate adventure, and a dark final confrontation with Rugudorull.

This was a fine production, with quality animation and an epic soundtrack. The dub is fair, even though it's more tolerable in the original Japanese language. If you like comic fantasy on the level of Slayers and Sorcerer Hunters, than this is one for the RPG fanatics to enjoy.

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