Monday, May 18, 2015

ANI-MOVIES, *Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Not meant to be done as a sequal to Green Lantern: First Flight, the Emerald Knights animated movie is an anthology of several different members of the GL Corps with an overall plot bringing the ring-slingers together. No relation to the similarly titled story arc from the comics, this does adapt some stories from the DC Universe. Bruce Timm is back to produce with several different writers like Geoff Jones and Dave Gibbons to do the various story segments.

A dying Green Lantern member reports to the Guardians of the Universe(no relation to Marvel's team)that the exiled Guardian, Krona, has returned as a giant anti-matter being the size of Unicron, and is leading an army of shadow creatures out of the sun of GL homeworld Oa to conquer to consume the universe. Corp newbie Arisia joins the other Lanterns in conference with the Guardians about their plans to ready for Krona, and resident hero Hal Jordan tells her the story of the First Lantern. This story was given a New 52 retcon, but here the First Lantern is one of the first four beings given the rings from the Guardians that are sent out to fight an invading armada, and the First named Avra is the original Lantern to use a ring to create energy constructs. The next story is of fan favorite's Kilowog when he first went through the Corps boot camp and rose to become the GL drill sergeant. Following that we learn of the origin of Laira, a literal warrior princess who after becoming a Green Lantern returns to her home planet to find it has turned into a military empire guilty of intergalactic war crimes, and she has to fight her father for control of their world. Then, Hal tells Arisia why "Mogo doesn't socialize" in a tale of Bolphunga the Unrelenting(brilliantly voiced by Rowdy Piper!)is a space warrior searching for the greatest fighters in the galaxy, and his last prey is the legendary Green Lantern known as Mogo, which if you didn't know who he was before seeing this movie would totally spoil it. After a quick attack by some of Krona's shadow forces, Arisia recovers as Sinestro(who is still a Green Lantern in this story)tells her of Abin Sur, the one who originally bore the ring that would later go to Hal Jordan. The final act is a stunning space battle between the remaining members of the Corps against Krona who since he's made of anti-matter, the GL's just chuck the entire planet of Oa at him to extinguish him with an equal amount of matter.

This makes for a great intro to the Green Lantern Corps., and a must see before embarking checking out Green Lantern: The Animated Series. It also makes for a way better movie than the what the Green Lantern live-action movie sorely lacked. There is some exceptionally stellar animation for this production, especially in the space battles. Plus, it's great to finally have Nathan Fillion in his first official time as Hal Jordan. Emerald Knights should be a permanent keeper for anyone who enjoys a great cosmic odyssey!

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