Friday, July 11, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Tantric Stipfighter Trina

Another of Tokyo Pop's OEL(original English language)manga titles that was meant to be an ongoing series of graphic novels which only lasted one volume, Tantric Stripfigher Trina was one of TP's numerous attempts to try and reach the older teen demographic with some seriously overdone fanservice. This was written by former fanzine creator Ken Faggio, and drawn by Fernando Furukawa who went on to work on the Starcraft manga and some Garth Ennis titles.

Trina is the sole survivor of a clan of female warriors on the planet Rama which was destroyed by a mercenary. She now uses her seductive skills as a dancing fighter to become a bounty hunter to track down those responsible for her world's destruction. She gets the female Cloud Strife lookalike, Abbey, as her new protégé, who secretly has a crush on her. Trina is also on the run from the ruling class called the Cog and Crown, which it is later revealed was behind her planet getting the finger. Trina takes on the master mercenary Curse and his bikini-clad hit-girl squad, which leads her to the martial arts master Terse who lead the attack on her home. Although their climatic fight is interrupted by an inquisitor from the Cog. Trina combines with Abbey in a world DBZ fusion to form a four-armed goddess to defeat him. They then set out to take down the corrupt royalty.

This was a fair manga, but was borderline ecchi on way too many occasions. There's some intense fighting scenes though, and should attract the attention of your average raving horny otaku.

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