Thursday, July 17, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Battle Of The Bands

Weasel Guy creator, Steve Buccellato, made this original manga-styled graphic novel for Tokyo Pop as a continued series in the vein of Scott Pilgrim, but instead only so far lasted one volume, which seems to be the case with alot of Tokyo Pop's original titles. Battle Of The Bands is like a cross between Hopeless Savages and Jem.

Led Salad is one of the leading all-female bands in the world, but this world is apparently some alternate one where female bands can get away with all out guerilla warfare with each other, including rocket launchers! Although Led's longtime roadie is leaving the group, so they need someone tough enough to fill his shoes. Enter Chet, a former musician that was just dumped by his bitch ex-girlfriend/daughter of a record company. He tries bartendering a Led Salad party, and saves one of their member Becky from some falling debris. The band takes Chet in as their new roadie, and gets nearly killed on every stop of their world tour as the girls are constantly attacked by rival bands. But Chet's ex has plans of her own for Led Salad as she forms her own band.

This was a fanservice-filled harem action comedy that would've made for a better plot to the Josie And The Pussycats movie. In terms of comics, it's not bad either, although most otaku should appreciate it for its humor and design.

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