Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Mazinkaiser

Go Nagai brought back the original Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger into an updated OVA. Although most ol' skool otaku might remember this better as Tranzor-Z from syndicated 80s. TV. This 7-episode series takes place not to far off from the original 70s anime TV shows, but somehow manages to bring it into modern day.

After a brutal assault on the city, mad scientist Dr. Hell and his forces capture their main nemesis, the giant robot Mazinger Z. Fortunately, it's pilot, Koji Kabuto, happens upon his grandfather's even more powerful prototype, Mazinkaiser. He uses it subdue the altered Mazinger Z, and ultimately destroy it. From this point on, Koji and the other members of the Photon Power Lab to battle Dr. Hell and his army of Mechanical Beasts. After Hell's right hand man/woman Baron Ashura has failed countless times, he consigns him to in the pinnacle Frankenstein of robot monsters, which ends up destroying most of the Photon Power Lab. Mazinkaiser looks like its going to perish inside in Mt. Fuji, but Great Mazinger returns after a sabbatical and helps him defeat the remaining Mechanical Beasts. Mazinkaiser then flies to Dr. Hell's island for a "final" confrontation with the Big Boss.

This lead to a OVA one-shot special titled Mazinkaiser Vs The Great General Of Darkness which so far hasn't been released in this country. Another continuation was the Mazinkaiser SKL 3-episode OVA series which features several robot armies fighting on Dr. Hell's old island which threatens to destroy the world, and it has been released in its entirety on DVD in English. Do yourself a favor and get ahold of this awesome blast from the past, which is available on 2 DVD volumes from the now defunct ADV Films.

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