Tuesday, May 7, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Arcana

This Korean manwha by So-Young Lee, the creator of Model, is a lush fantasy that's sure to make the bishounen-watchers happy. Taking place in an alternate fantasy world, and revolves around a girl named Inez who has the power to talk to animals.

This little Dr. Dolittle is taken to the captial with her grandfather. Her gramps is actually a two hundred year old wizard, and an old ally of the empire. Just as they arrive at the capitol, it starts to snow, which is something that only is supposed to happen once a century. This signals that a time of darkness is at hand. The emperor bids for Inez to seek out a race of creatures which will be used as bate to lure ancient dragons to help defend the empire for the oncoming darkness.

Arcana is an interesting story, told mainly from the perspective of a tomboy girl. Inez has to balance her rural upbringing along with her new devotion to her royal duties. Inez also has a strange relationship with her sheepdog Zode, who has the power to morph into a human, and might actually be the reincarnation one of Inez's family. There are a few parts in the plot that are a little vague, but it's clear that Lee had meant to grab the reader's attention with rich illustrations and gorgeous scenery. If you were a fan of the early works of Clamp like RG Veda, then Arcana is a sure hit.

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