Thursday, May 25, 2017

MISC. MANGA, *Clockwork Planet

With a recent anime TV series adaptation, Clockwork Planet is shaping into a pretty popular manga. No Game No Life writer Yuu Kamiya teamed up with artist Tsubaki Himana to come out with this steampunk-themed post-apocalypse sci-fi story.

Set over a millennium after the Earth was made over by a brilliant creator known as "Y", the world is at this time one big "clockwork planet" with cities built on giant gears and sprockets. Young student Naoto Miura runs across a very dynamic gynoid called RyuZU who he reactivates with his technical know-how. She accepts him as her new master after sucking his thumb, although RyuZU appears to have exceptionally advanced circuitry. This connects to an investigation being lead by Marie Breguet, a machine master called a "meister" who suspects the main company in charge of the operation of the gear cities is planning to sabotage one of the lower class sections and have it be destroyed(similar to Shinra in Final Fantasy VII).

Clockwork Planet was originally a series of four light novels that soon adapted into this ongoing manga. It features some pretty stunning artwork, and a compelling story, even if it does take a little while to have the two main plots come together into a single storyline.

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