Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ANI-MOVIES, *Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League-Gotham City Breakout

Even though there's a new theatrical film featuring Lego versions of Batman, that's a spinoff of The Lego Movie, which is inside the imagination of a young boy, so technically that one is "Bootleg Batman", while the one featured in the Lego Batman video games and DC Comics Lego animated movies/TV specials are considered to be the more canonical. This latest one mixes in the standard Justice League with the extended Batman cast.

Starting out in Gotham with Batman breaking in a new Robin(no specifics as to which of the multiple Robin understudies it is)while thwarting a supervillain team-up of Penguin and Harley Quinn. After arresting them, Batman is surprised by his allies from the JLA and Teen Titans for his anniversary as a crimefighter, and allow Batman to take a vacation with Nightwing and Batgirl while Superman watches over Gotham in the meantime. The movie then splits up into two recurring plots, with Batman and his former proteges chasing Deathstroke, and Superman bungling by releasing the inmates from Arkham. The story with Batman after Deathstroke leads into Bane and a completely made up for the "DC Legoverse" plot of Batman's old martial arts teacher Madame Mantis and an underground civilization of cave people. The other and better plot has Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg being completely inept at dealing with Batman's rogues gallery despite their incredible powers, so Robin has to bale them out in the end.

Gotham City Breakout is a textbook example of what to take or leave in an all-ages production. The portion with Batman on vacation is like some abandoned Ninjago plot that Lego didn't bother with, while the parts of the Justice League succumbing to villains using laughing gas and robot penguins is much more enjoyable. The film is good enough for kids to wet their appetites for The Lego Batman movie, but most standard DC fans could pretty much skip it.

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