Friday, September 30, 2016

ANI-MOVIES, *Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United

Heroes United was intended to be a series of made-for-video CGI-animated which takes the approach of Marvel Comics' old Team-Up and Two-In-One featuring various Avengers team-ups. This first one had the invincible Iron Man fighting with-and alongside the Incredible Hulk. It was produced through Marvel Entertainment itself, and not bothering with other studios like Disney, using a special in-house technique called 2-D Wrap which is a step up from old cell-shading, but appears choppy sometimes, especially in the facial ticks.

Hulk fights his old enemy Abomination in a wrecked town, and is brought into HYDRA's custody to use both of the gamma-powered monsters to amp up their own personal gamma-arc reactor. This of course goes horribly wrong, giving birth to a living energy creature calling itself Zzzax. Iron Man shows up in his own personal SHIELD Helicarier(which has a bunch of fighter jets in it for some reason), and thinks Hulk is the one responsible for all the damage to the damn Hydra was using, but changes his tune when he sees Zzzax. They chase the electric beast into the Helicarrier, and blasts them out after possessing some of Stark's old suits. Awakening in an graveyard, the damaged Iron Man and blinded fight of a completely random wendigo attack! Making it back into the Helicarrier, Iron Man suits Hulk up in some Hulkbuster armor to finally smash Zzzax. The movie ends with the two HYDRA scientist responsible for making Zzzax briefing Red Skull who has plans for Iron Man and Captain America.

The first Heroes United was decent, but seriously lacked in story content and plot. It was more of the two heroes bantering and going from one fight to another. It was released on DVD and Blu-Ray, but the sales and reviews were so negative that the sequal wasn't released for the video market at all. It makes for a reasonable watch for ol' school Marvel Zombies, but even for an "all-ages" feature its pretty tame.

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