Monday, July 25, 2016

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Hyper Doll

Based on Shinpei Itoh's incomplete manga which was printed in English through Studio Ironcat, Pioneer Entertainment(later on called Geneon Entertainment)released this 2-episode OVA series simultaneously in American and Japan, first on two separate VHS tapes, a rare laser disc, and then a collected DVD. Mix in Dirty Pair and Supergirl, and you'll get some idea of what you're in for, even though this OVA was intended as a sort of midquel to the actual manga.

Mew and Mica are two artificially created alien humanoids acting as agents on Earth as part of an intergalactic organization. Disguised as two seemingly normal but sexy Japanese high school students, whenever trouble rears its head, Mew and Mica transform into the Hyper Dolls, even though they still have most of their regular superpowers in their secret identities. The criminal syndicate known as "CHAOS"(no relation to Get Smart)is constantly sending giant monsters to attack the city, but the Hyper Dolls manage to stop them, despite the Man Of Steel levels of property damage.

This had a better production than Pioneer's other superhero parody that came out at the time, Moldiver, Hyper Doll manages to have some great comedy sequences during monster fights which would normally be done with Ultraman. There's also a serious amount of cheesecake with transformation sequences that would never make it into a Sailor Moon episode. Considering its only about an hour long, it's sure to make some hero otaku's day, even though the DVD is missing the funny live-action bonuses from the VHS release.

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