Tuesday, January 5, 2016

MISC. MANGA, *The Steam League

This series collects the first few chapters featured in Steampunk Tales with new ongoing additional chapters.

The Steam League is made of Lady Greystoke, Mary Riley, and the amazon Rula who protect London from otherworldly theats like Nosferatu, Spring-Heeled Jack, and Sweeney Todd. They get help from none other than Sherlock Ninja crossing over into this title. These threats are all a plot brewed by Dr. Frankenstein and Wang Fu Ho(a Fu Man Chu copycat)who are misleading the League to have the cat burglar Cheshire Cat steal the Mars Stone, which is a strange energy source. Meanwhile on Mars, young John Carson is an Earthling being sent back to reclaim the Mars Stone, and gets a lift from the spaceship, The Emerald City, whose crew is made of citizens of Oz, but their trip is interrupted with the arrival of Alice from Wonderland.

This combines several literary characters along with folklore and tall tales, even though it does seem to suffer from trying to merge a little too many titles into one plot, but the overall payoff is satisfying for sci-fi and fairy tale buffs.

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