Thursday, March 12, 2015

MISC. MANGA, *Shadow Hunters

Mixing in elements of Buffy and Charmed, this American manga-styled color comic does dive into some serious fan service. Having nothing to do with The Mortal Instruments series, this title by Scattered Comics, Shadow Hunters is an ongoing supernatural series that caters to the cosplay-loving crowd.

A trio of ladies consisting of a brainwashing vampire named Jenna, the shapeshifting werewolf girl Jessika, and the water witch Renea set up their own swinging nightclub in order to trap stray demons. However, a monster hunting task force called "00" ends up getting in their way. Jessika gets kidnapped by some of their secret ops division, and learns more about the various shapeshifting races, while Renea runs across some reengage demons.

This has the potential to ba a pretty good series, even though it might be a little hard for some readers to take the change in artists from Issues #2 to #3. There's some sexy cosplay variant covers for this too if you're into that.

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