Monday, January 5, 2015

MISC. MANGA, *Ironcat

Street Fighter manga artist Masaomi Kanzaki had some of his own titles like Gun Crisis an the incomplete Flag Fighters printed into English by the former Antarctic Press alumni at Studio Ironcat. Kanzaki even designed their mascot character of Ironcat herself, although it turned out that there was a manga based on the character as well. So, Studio Ironcat(or I.C. Entertainment as it was later known)decided to go ahead a print out the English adaptation of the Ironcat manga.

Loosely inspired by Sailor Moon, Ironcat is a story of a perky blonde schoolgirl named Sakura who has to bandage back her d-cup sized breasts because she's so "modest". On her way to school, Sakura accidently rides her bicycle over a stray cat while trying to avoid hitting Wakaba, a photographer who is too obsessed with his new camera to notice either of them at first. Suddenly, a giant windup mouse ridden by the villainous Rat Man shows up. Ratty is one of 12 "E.T."s that want to take over the world, and apparently the cat Sakura ran over contains a power that will help them succeed. So the cat named Cleopatra Cat decides to bond with Sakura, ripping her clothes of Cutie Honey-style, and now she's the battle-bikini superhero, Ironcat. She uses her enhanced strength and reflexes(as well as her extra bouncier boobs!)to defeat Rat Man. Later on, the next E.T. shows up, the voluptuous Cow Girl, who first challenges Ironcat to a beauty contest to be judged by Wakaba, but is really a ruse to distract her. Ironcat ends Cow Girl in a way Yatterman would be proud of, leaving her and Wakaba to possibly be a couple from this point on.

Ironcat lasted only two comic book issues of its American print run, and has yet to be compiled in a trade paperback of anykind. It's also unknown if there were any further chapters created in Japan beyond the ones printed in English. However, it is worth hunting down these two issues for some seriously wacky fansevice!

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