Friday, August 1, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Hyper Dolls

Shinpei Itoh has worked on projects involving superheroines like Moldiver and Cutie Honey, but one his biggest claims was his own title of Hyper Dolls. It was an odd mix of Dirty Pair meets Powerpuff Girls. The manga lasted for five volumes, but was unfortunately cut short slightly due to a falling out between Itoh and the producers of the 2-episode OVA series which acted as sort of an in-between chapter of the manga storyline. It did get an American release through Studio Ironcat/I.C. Entertainment, although only three of the volumes were collected into trade paperbacks.

Miyu and Maika look like average anime schoolgirls, but they are in reality the Hyper Dolls! Two super-powered androids sent from an alien collective who are trying to protect mankind, mostly from itself. One of their schoolmates, Akai, discovers their secret identity, and they threaten to rip his head off if he tells anyone, thus he becomes their reluctant ally. The Dolls spend most of their time fighting the mutant were-creatures of an underground organization called CHAOS, which may or may not be getting assistance from an outside alien resource. The Hyper Dolls end up causing usually more damage than the mean to in their battles with this mutant monsters, who can become kaiju-sized making for Ultraman levels of insanity.

The manga unfortunately ends abruptly right after the Hyper Dolls finally coming across CHAOS(mostly by accident), and then they just decide to give up and go get something to eat. You can still find the first three trade paperbacks, as well as the last two volumes in separate comic book issue format. The OVA series has been released under the title Hyperdoll on a single DVD, two VHS tapes, and two laser discs. You might want to at least check out the first graphic novel and from their decide if you want to read the rest of the manga, but it does make for a great superhero manga parody.

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