Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star

While Cowboy Bebop managed to have a 3-volume manga that tied into the original anime, Shooting Star takes the Bebop crew into alternate storyline where we introduced to new additions in a different order, as well as a completely new protagonist. This was written and drawn by somewhat manga artist Cain Kuga, although he seemingly never went on to do another manga afterwards.

Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are both bounty hunters onboard the spaceship Bebop in the late 21st Century after Earth was decimated after a warp gate accident. They become involved with the Dragon's Head Syndicate which is an interplanetary mafia with ties all over the Solar System. Afterwards, the genius young hacker Edward joins up with them as she becomes threatened by the Dragon's Head after she gets some data on them. It's learned that the Syndicate is run by a new head, a genius young prodigy that goes by the name Scorpion, and he sets his sights on Ed as being his rival. The addition of the data dog Ein gives the Bebop crew a little more edge over the Dragon's Head, and then their double agent Faye Valentine(who is apparently didn't spend a few decades in cryogenics)defects to the Bebop too. After a run in the space pirates called the Chess Pieces, they uncover more about Scorpion and his turn towards the dark side of being head of the Syndicate. In the end, the characters separate briefly, but get back together, and nobody dies!!!

This was a pretty good take on the anime, which only made up a 2-volume series which was printed in English through Tokyopop. It's worth looking up, although you might be better off seeing if you're local library has a copy to check out instead of paying full price for it.

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