Saturday, April 12, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Steampunk Red Riding Hood

Another one-shot steampunk fairy tale venture by Rod Espinosa, this takes par on the same specials he's done through Antarctic Press like Steampunk Snow White and Steampunk Snow White.

Here, Red and her grandma travel around in their mobile and fully armed “Granny’s House”, and use their steampunk tech to save distant villages from being ransacked by wolfmen. They aren’t all as bad as they seem, even though they manage to mug Red later in the story, but concede to let her take medicine to her ailing grandma after running across her abusive father. Red’s arsenal includes some sweet iron gauntlets.

Steampunk Red Riding Hood is great for a one-shot, with a fine cover by Joe Wight. The story does seem to wrap up a little quickly though, as if there was possibly room for more of the story in a second issue.

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