Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ANI-MOVIES, *A Cat In Paris

America gets its fair share of animated films from France, but this one was exceptionally well done. From Folimage, the studio behind Mia And The Migoo, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. So that alone makes it worth looking up.

The film is set in modern day Paris, and deals with a cat burglar named Nico that befriends an actual cat(whose name we never cat)that also doubles as a housecat for Zoe, a lonely young girl that lives worth her mother Jeanne, a police detective whose husband was killed by an infamous criminal mastermind, Victor Costa. Victor plans on stealing a large statue from a Paris museum, and has his over-perfumed girlfriend posing as Zoe housekeeper to get info from the police. Despite a lot of bungling from his henchmen, Victor does nearly succeed in his plan, although Zoe's teaming up with Nico through their shared cat manages to bring them together, and reluctantly Jeanne too, despite her knowledge of Nico's "career". The bad guys are foiled, and somehow Nico is cleared of his charges, and is now living with Jeanne and Zoe as a family.

The titular cat plays the intermediary throughout the story, and surprisingly doesn't have a speaking role in it or any inner monologue like Garfield, but still lives up to his role as the focal point of the movie. This movie was totally hand-drawn, so serious props to Folimage for putting on a quality production. It's style might seem a bit adverse to American audiences, but it's old school approach in both style and substance makes it an enriching experience for audiences of all ages.

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