Saturday, February 22, 2014

MISC. MANGA, *Steampunk Originals

Arcana decided to get into the steampunk genre too with this anthology series made of short comics and comic strips. Some of these are more period pieces instead of steampunk, whether they are horror or adventure, but they all manage to make the fit.

The more memorable ones are where a messenger girl has to plow through a rowdy bar to get a letter to a swashbuckling rocket-toting prince, an epic battle between 18th Century ronin and a mechanical army, a disfigured woman in an armored suit acting as a hero for defenseless women, a look at what a sci-fi convention would look like in a steampunk world, a daring explorer’s journey into a tomb filled with mechanical monsters, a disgruntled employee seeking revenge on his benefactors using tools he cobbled together in the sewers, and an enchanting tale of a woman’s lifelong ambition to reward the mechanical man who saved her life as a child.

This 2-volume series makes for a good introductory for anyone wanting to sample the world of steampunk.

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