Saturday, November 3, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Exploitation Now

One of the most infamous titles from the early days of webcomics was definately this, and totally not for the kiddies! Created by Michael Poe, who later went on to do the fantasy webcomic Errant Story, this Keenspot title was a stab at alot of anime and manga trends at the time, but also at the rising webcomic genre. It started out as a joke-a-day strip, but eventually went on to form rather lengthy story arcs featuring the secondary characters.

It starts out with the young former porn star Bimbo(that's her real name)and her roommate Ralph(who may or may not be a Moogle from Final Fantasy). Their apartment is destroyed after trying to banish Cthulu from an incident with a stopped up toilet. So they move into a new building run by a teenage girl named Jordan, who just happens to be a criminal mad scientist with a bionic arm and dreams of world conquest. After a few flashback sequences about Bimbo and Ralph's early days, Jordan gets visited by an assassin from the Russians named Jones who is later revealed be one of Bimbo's numerous sisters, although it never comes up in the series. Bimbo later has to take in her younger sister Bush, who soon befriends Jordan, although she seems attracted to Bush in a more than sisterly way. The storyline then takes a different turn when Jordan is wanted by the FBI as she used to be part of some military think tank for junior geniuses, so she and Bush go on the run. This leads them to a brief visit with Bush's mother, a trip to an anime con, a bus hijacking by a tentacle monster, and a daring rescue by a swordwielding Playboy bunny. Bimbo and Ralph eventually get left out of the plot entirely as Jordan and Bush are finally captured by the government, but Jordan manages to escape by having a particle beam satellite blast the sight from orbit. Jordan ends up reuniting with Jones, even though the comic ended promising a sequel.

I'd highly recommend this if you are a fan of webcomics like Megatokyo or Sinfest. It has been printed in its entirety by Keenspot in a single large graphic novel, and then again in two seperate smaller novels. Be sure to give this one a look.

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