Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

This Arabian Nights-inspired manga has caused a big buzz in the otaku world, possibly because there are so few titles in the past that actually in Scheherazade's big book of fantasy. Some anime/manga like RG Veda and El-Hazard dabbled in it, but Magi throttles it up to 11, with the average otaku tropes thrown in.

Set in a magical realm, Aladdin is a young wanderer that happened to become master of a seemingly headless djinn in a flute named Ugo. He used his one wish with Ugo to become his friend, so the two of them roam the deserts searching for a good meal and voluptuous women. After helping some traders escape a bandit raid, Aladdin gets a ride from the cart rider, Ali Baba. He saves his life from a reject monster from Tattooine, and the two become partners in adventure. They set out to tackle one of the many "Dungeons" that have sprouted out in the world during the last few years. Each Dungeon is said to have the treasures of lost kingdoms in them, as well as their own djinn inside waiting to grant wishes to. After pretty much burning all the bridges of his former life behind him as a jack-of-all-trades, Ali Baba convinces Aladdin to raid the local Dungeon which was conveniently just a few yards from his house. The resourceful slave girl Morgianna plays a part in this too as we'll see later on in the series.

Manga creator Shinobu Ohtaku, who also made Sumomomo, Momomo, chronicles in the manga how much trouble he went through to get Magi published. Fortunately for him it paid off, as it has become a monster hit as an anime series. The artwork is very good, and the story moves along fluidly, albeit in your standard comedy/fantasy manga fair. The manga is just now coming out in English, and the anime is soon to follow. If your a fan of Slayers, then this is just up your alley.

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