Saturday, September 29, 2012

Top 25 Comic Book Movie Babes

Welcome to my personal list of the hottest ladies in live-action comic book-based movies. Not all of them are superheroines though. There's a few random goth chicks, space vixens, and punk girls too. I was going to make this a Top 10 list to begin with, but just wanted to throw all my favorites into the harem. Here we go...

25. Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond in V For Vendetta
She never dressed up like that for Anakin! Natalie makes bald look beautiful in this thriller based on Alan Moore's book.

24. Lori Petty as Tank Girl in Tank Girl
Even though I'd kill to have seen her actually as Live Wire, Lori was the greatest post-apocalyptic siren ever.

23. Diane Lane as Judge Hershey in Judge Dredd
She is the law! She looks good, even with that dorky Power Rangers helmet on.

22. Adrienne Barbeau as Alice Cable in Swamp Thing
Yes, she's better than Heather Locklear! The soon-to-be Catwoman knew how to toss a mean salad!

21. Anjanette Abayari as Darna in Darna: The Return
As the Philipino version of Wonder Woman, this busty broad portrayed the bikini-clad heroine Darna.

20. Aya Matsuura as Saki Asamiya in Yo-Yo Girl Cop
From J-Pop singer to yo-yo swinging secret agent, she plays the punk princess based on the Sukeban Deka manga.

19. Natassia Malthe as Typhoid Mary in Elektra
I'd take a sweet kiss of death from this disease-infested vixen anyday of the week.

18. Brigette Nielsen as Sonja in Red Sonja
Long before Flavor Flav f*cked up that train wreck even more, Mrs. Stallone was the original warrior princess.

17. Janeane Garofalo as Baby Bowler in Mystery Men
What's not to love about a girl who carries around her dad's skull in a transparent bowling ball?

16.Helen Slater as Supergirl in Supergirl
Granted, this was probably the weakest link in the Superman franchise, but Helen was perfect as the Maid of Steel.

15. Erika Toda as Misa Amane in Death Note
This little mama played the death-dealing gothic pop idol Misa Misa, based on the manga and anime.

14. Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men 3
No, not as Catwoman! Halle's best non-Flinstones look is in the 3rd X-flick when her hair looked more natural.

13.Thora Birch as Enid in Ghost World
I know a young Scarlett Johansson co-starred in this, but Thora is the sexiest little nerd girl!

12. Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire in Barb Wire
There were only two reasons to see this movie...and your looking at them right now.

11. Selma Blair as Liz Sherman in Hellboy
Even as a pyrokinetic/firestarter, Selma is HOT! HOT! HOT!

10. Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre I in Watchmen
The Silk Spectre of the Golden Age was far more delicious in her day than her daughter ever was.

9. Jennifer Connelly as Jenny Blake in The Rocketeer
The lady from Labyrinth played a better Bettie Page than a Betty Ross as this damsel in distress.

8. Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four
More gorgeous than the cowgirl stripper from Sin City, Alba filled out the blue spandex pretty well as Marvel's den mother.

7. Tanya Roberts as Sheena in Sheena
The former Charlie's Angel makes you wish this blonde jungle girl would swing from your vine.

6. Rebecca Romijn as Mystique in X-Men
Maybe a little "scalier" than her comic book counterpart, but the former Mrs. Stamos makes for a sultry Smurfette.

5. Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3
Mary who? Seriously, this chick fit the bill for her character waaaay better than Dunst did.

4. Erika Sato as Honey in Cutie Honey
The transforming android girl was played by this spicy supermodel/actress.

3. Ornella Muti as Princress Aura in Flash Gordon
Now there's an alien invader that's easy on the eyes. The standard space princess couldn't have been done any finer.

2. Jane Fonda as Barbarella in Barbarella
Ted Turner is a stupid stupid stupid man for letting that piece of ass get out of his Excessive Machine.

1. Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns
There is no movie Catwoman other than her! Tight black leather never looked this good. Michelle is the queen of this pride!

Well, that's it! I look forward to adding Wonder Woman to the list sometime soon too.

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